Kurgan Stalwartshield

Destroying Heretics, One Axe Swing at a Time.


Male Mountain Dwarf Cleric of War (Inquisitor)

Kurgan Stalwartshield is large for a dwarf. He has short black hair and his beard is divided into two separate braids. The right side of his beard has symbols of The One and all types of dwarf runes that convey combat. While the left side of his beard also has symbols of The One, but it contains all types of dwarf runes that convey defense. On his forearms are large tattoos depicting dwarfs surviving great challenges through adversity.


Kurgan has been part of the religion since the Holy War and he truly believes in the faith.

Kurgan believes by listening to these heretic stories that he can save some of them from their own destruction. He believes this will ultimately strengthen the faith and prevent unnecessary death.

The character believes the gift of fortitude comes from The One. This gift of fortitude allows him to deal with heretics physically and mentally. His mental fortitude allows him to deal with heretics without being drawn into their deception. His physical fortitude allows him to stand against the darkest evil like the great mountain stands against a torrential storm.

Kurgan Stalwartshield

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